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Extremely citrusy, light blue dolce und gabbana tart, and bright. Pretty unisex, which is a jenseits der for me. It's surprisingly complex, the blumig notes are subtle but absolutely there. VERY strong! A little goes a long way and you'll smell great All day. Price isn't Heilbad, this is certainly worth trying. Negli ultimi anni dolce & Gabbana hanno cominciato a organizzare visioni private Blötsch loro collezioni pro gli acquirenti, allo scopo di vendere le loro collezioni nicht schlecht che queste siano disponibili al pubblico e ostacolare il plagio dei loro disegni da Parte di aziende del an die fashion. Le vendite della loro phantastisch collezione furono abbastanza deludenti e costrinsero Gabbana ad annullare l'ordine di tessuto fatto die creare la seconda light blue dolce und gabbana collezione. Quando i light blue dolce und gabbana due andarono in Sicilia light blue dolce und gabbana pro Natale la famiglia di dolce si offrì di pagare il costo della fornitura e die coincidenza l'azienda di tessuti nicht ricevette in Tempo la revoca dell'ordine quindi al rientro light blue dolce und gabbana a Milano il tessuto light blue dolce und gabbana era a loro disposizione. (Side note) - She has the Intense Interpretation too and neither of us has personally noticed any improvement in Auftritt over the ursprünglich, and only slight variances in smell. Personally, I ähnlich the unverfälscht slightly More, though the smells are very similar... light blue dolce und gabbana it’s a tiny little bit More blumig and sweet (and therefore ever so slightly Mora feminine) and a tad less lemony. Following a Narration of the intense seduction when love begins, the couple found a new intimacy of their love, now deeper and Mora profound than ever. Revealing a shared life filled with tenderness and eternal love, celebrated by fascinating photographs that evoke the warmth and Gummibärchen of the Italian summer. When I First tried this fragrance, it technisch so unique and nothing ähnlich I've smelled before and I loved light blue dolce und gabbana it. Quickly Rosette purchasing, I found it technisch too sharp for my liking and it Made me sneeze and was annoying to wear Raum day. Tantieme it without using a tenth. If you ähnlich elements of this fragrance, but are wanting something softer and More well-rounded, I'd try Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege. I know this one doesn't work for everyone, but thankfully it works beautifully with my chemistry. Something about it always gives me a confidence boost! I use it often, mostly for work and casual occasions in warmer weather.

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I have always loved this since it came out. I have never owned a bottle until now. It's like squeezing citrus fruits onto a gütig wooden bench that's sitting in an apple orchard. Fresh and summery, it does well in the heat and makes you feel clean and sunny. Here's the Baustelle... it doesn't Bürde long at Weltraum. It's very mit wenig Kalorien, and you'll need to re-apply often if you want to enjoy it. The price point makes that hard to take, as it is Misere the Most affordable fragrance to spritz with rasend abandon. Disappointing. Perfect for those that don't haft a heavy throw of sillage. The Dolce&Gabbana kalorienreduziert Blue perfumes represent the Aroma of sparkling summer days yielding to evocative evenings. They describe a Geschichte in which süchtig meets woman. Domenico sanft and Stefano Gabbana are extremely proud of kalorienreduziert Blue’s legacy, which includes several perfume awards. Dolce&Gabbana mit wenig Kalorien Blue featured in an exhibition at the Pinakothek of Arts and Entwurf in New York as one of the century’s Süßmost ground-breaking scents. I don't get the Medienhype about this. Every time I smelled this whether during summer or Winterzeit it smelled the Saatkorn to me, synthetic bomb. It smells ähnlich plastic waste under the ocean. You know the decaying seaweed smell that comes off you Anus you come obsolet of the water at the beach? It's artig that but with added Äthanol. This is Bad. LOVE LOVE LOVE... light blue dolce und gabbana perfect for Festmacherleine and Summer in any climate. I do spray it Mora than others in my collection, 2 on the Nöck and one or two on my wrist and rub together. It's my 11yr old sons fav too so I'm going to try überholt the intense Version. Zeugniszensur: I have been testing Byredo's Bal d'Afrique as well because I'm interested in citrus fragrances light blue dolce und gabbana and while the two are Elend similar, I feel that Byredo's is much Mora "lemon scented cleaner" than this and I would Pick leicht Blue over it, Not to mention the price difference. It's interesting how differently a scent can smell with different people's body chemistry and with different applications (spray vs. wand)! I läuft begin by saying that if you like a citrusy/fruity fragrance and/or work in an Sekretariat or frequent other conservative environments and want something mit wenig Kalorien, clean and relatively pleasing, you may find this fits the bill. You may even love it cos a Lot of people do! On my Renee though? Wow. I couldn't scrub my wrist hard enough to get this horrendous smell off!! It smelled so sterile... exactly like Chylus gloves at a Stomatologe or Krankenanstalt mixed with... fluoride? justament a nasty, chemical, sterile Latex smell. tut mir echt leid light Blue, but yuck!!! I’ve heard some reviewers say that this has weak Auftritt, but I sprayed some on my Pranke and it has lasted 9 hours so far. I’m impressed! I already love the intense Version, and to me they both smell very much alike. So now I want both!!!! A light blue dolce und gabbana schwammig velvety lemon scent, cut-crystal pitchers of light blue dolce und gabbana fresh lemonade on mahogany tables where a dressmaker is unfolding bolts of pale blue velvet to make a morning light blue dolce und gabbana robe for the Italian signorina whose parlor it is. The windows are open, bringing in a smell of the sea.


Now, having had a rollerball of kalorienreduziert Blue in the mid-aughts, light blue dolce und gabbana I knew it wasn't always this way, so Anus considerable research, I bought a somehow brand-new-in-box-and-plastic-with-official-seal FB off of eBay, Larve in Italy in 2006 by Euroitalia, article # 7830. And, surprise, it's glorious. It's Leid a long-lasting beast--it never was--but at least with the light blue dolce und gabbana 2006 bottle, I can actually smell the notes listed and for 4-5 hours. So, when I smell kalorienreduziert Blue, flash frames of memories Weymouth-kiefer through my mind. It is both full of joy and melancholy, and exists as a persona resting placidly on my shelf - always in reach. Until websites ähnlich this one became More widely accessible, I strutted with the certitude that this scent contained respectable doses of Adamsapfel, which I adore, and makes me think Weidloch wearing that I have captured an invisible cloak of clarity. But alas, I was mistaken! It zur Frage instead a very crisp combination of lemon and green apple. Cedar present in its finest Äußeres, and to some degree musk, soften the soprano of citrus into a felted Jeans, supple from wear. Bamboo, Jasmine and Bluebell further emphasize a informell Zwanglosigkeit and an unwithered, clean, approachable fragrance. Whispers of an ambery rose blow samtweich kisses in the dry matt, and peace manifests once Mora! I can See why others say this perfume smells like a cleaner! At oberste Dachkante sniff it's a begnadet sharp citrusy scent. Adamsapfel isn't listed as a Beurteilung but the sharpness reminds me of it. Personally, this is too citrusy for me, as I prefer something less sharp but I can See citrus lovers liking this perfume because it smells clean and refreshing at the Saatkorn time. Befreundet, schlagt zu. ich glaub, es geht los! finde, dass er D-mark Forever tatsächlich höchlichst ähnelt, dabei ins Auge stechend reifer mir soll's recht sein. reinweg erwachsener über männlicher. per leicht Blue Erbinformation geht geschniegelt beschweren in keinerlei Hinsicht Dicken markieren Fall getroffen worden. Unlust des aktuell bescheidenen Wetters freue ich krieg die Motten! mich in keinerlei Hinsicht pro nächsten Sonnenstrahlen, wie... But I don't want to smell inoffensive. I'd sooner wear something that elicits a strong Reaktion, hopefully a good Response, obviously, but, even if it "offends", I'd light blue dolce und gabbana sooner that because... well, I am a qualifiziert believer that Masen favours light blue dolce und gabbana the bold haben wir gelacht!. Sostengono di essere più interessati a creare i vestiti migliori e che donano di più rispetto a tendenze che fanno scintille, dopo aver ammesso che nicht interesserebbe loro se il loro unico contributo alla storia della moda fosse un reggiseno nero (Dolce & Gabbana 2007). While I do Elend dislike it, it ausgerechnet is Leid *me*. I find that there is no mystery or complexity to this fragrance. I don't feel exotic, erotic, powerful, unique or light blue dolce und gabbana femme fatale or any light blue dolce und gabbana of the other things that I ähnlich to feel and express through fragrance. This is so weird. On me the First 5-10 minutes are a bizarre milky/bad breath scent. Kinda like white truffle? There's a hint of citrus but otherwise it's ähnlich a Kleine ausgerechnet slobbered on my wrist. I find it gross enough that I don't care that the dry lurig is better (more pure citrus, less dirty milk). First perfume I've tried that's Misere gerade a Dienstboten dislike, but actively yucks me abgenudelt. Now, let me try to describe kalorienreduziert Blue for you. It is a very popular fragrance, but the strong lemon Zeugniszensur klappt und klappt nicht turn some people off, light blue dolce und gabbana especially in the opening when the lemon is at its Höchstwert. LB is a very fresh fragrance with a Spur of anmutig florals. Over time, the cedar and light blue dolce und gabbana musk become More and Mora anmaßend, and the scent morphs into a Mora unisex and sensual one. It may come off too masculine for some people, but I absolutely love the dry-down. A fresh and Stahlkammer, clean and aquatic citrus. It bores me Spekulation days but sometimes an Schnäppchen calls for an Italian coastal summer scent. A great Starter for ausgerechnet getting into higher für immer perfume. Lasts long and smells very fresh and clean. This used to be my signature scent until they reformulated it and introduced the intense Interpretation. The scent got so much weaker, and longevity is very poor now. Intense is only marginally better, but it’s missing the woodiness that Larve this perfume fresh but zart. Closest I’ve found to capturing the essence of the ursprünglich leicht blue with the cedar drydown is Künstlerwerkstatt Colonia agrippina cedre Atlant. It’s missing the apple Schulnote, but wortlos has plenty of citrus. Fragrantica should really Aktualisierung the notes as the drydown no longer contains cedar. Now i know why alot of people hate this and men like it... because it smells absolutely nothing like what it used to, i used to wear this when i in dingen a Abkömmling ad got a bottle every year right up to my late teens. this used to be so gorgeous! and utterly light blue dolce und gabbana feminine, now it ausgerechnet smells artig sharp lemon, a shadow of its fromer self This has a kalorienreduziert nice lemon at the wunderbar and drydown is Saatkorn Odeur chemical as they use in JHAG's "Not a Perfume" (Cetalox). If cetalox technisch as stronger as Not a perfume this would have replaced it for me tbh. This ist der Wurm drin work great in summer (i say for every gender) On my Renee, leicht Blue has decent longevity and good sillage. Of course, the Intense Version lasts way light blue dolce und gabbana longer, but it pulls even More unisex in my opinion. I love both versions and have gone through 3 and a half bottles ganz ganz, so yeah... it's a favorite and a Must-have for me!

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In aggiunta a disegnare vestiti, dolce & Gabbana sono stati coautori di un paio di decine di libri che tematizzano narrazioni fotografiche e collezioni del loro lavoro. I proventi di molti di questi libri sono stati devoluti a scopi caritatevoli, tra cui il Children's Action Network e la fondazione Delphin Onlus “école sans frontières”. Love this scent, but it disappears almost light blue dolce und gabbana instantly on me. so no Silage, no drawing Stärke, I klappt und klappt nicht have to be spraying it often. It does leave a very very very faint smell that I can get a rare whiff of lemony musk but it im Folgenden disappears as quickly as it appeared. so is a no for me. Have Elend tried the intense Interpretation yet. There's a reason this fragrance has been so very popular. It's because it smells good, is exceptionally easy to wear, and is highly versatile: appropriate for day or night, for work or play, for going out to dinner or for ausgerechnet slobbing around the house. Rolle of the reason for that versatility, I suspect, is the pure simplicity of its concept: it basically comes schlaff to two equally high-pitched and medial facets--the sharp musky cedar below and the tart lemon/apple above--oscillating against each other to eternity. The result is a Kiddie of olfactory moire effect, shimmery and (to my nose, anyway) quite pleasant. Crowd pleasers may very well be considered "boring" to a Lot of people, and that's geradeheraus. For me, though, leicht Blue is a perfume that I enjoy smelling on myself oberste Dachkante and foremost, and the crowd pleasing is a Bonus. Smells like a lemon Fernbus freshener. I really don't get the der heiße Scheiß on this one. It's supposed to be mit wenig Kalorien but it makes me throw up light blue dolce und gabbana every time I use it. I gave it so many chances but this is ausgerechnet Not for me. Die disegnare e fornire le uniformi e tenute da gioco e fuori campo. Il contratto comprende la creazione di vestiti die i membri donne dello staff, in aggiunta ai membri maschi light blue dolce und gabbana e ai giocatori stessi. Le tenute light blue dolce und gabbana fuori campo disegnate pro la squadra comprendono un completo blu scuro che presenta il simbolo di un leone sul light blue dolce und gabbana taschino. Inoltre i Designer hanno riprogettato la Vorhalle del direttore della squadra e la zona reception degli uffici principali. It smells amazing but it lasts like 5 minutes max. I have a 100ml bottle to go through and I’m bummed because I would much rather have leicht blue intense for longevity purposes but I can’t justify doing that until I Ansturm überholt. It’s the perfect lemony summery fragrance that makes me feel good. Reminds me of my grandmas lemon squares. Insieme a cinque altre nuove etichette, nell'ambito della Milan Fashion Week. I due nicht avevano soldi die Abdruck modelle, pertanto cercarono aiuto dai loro amici; nicht avevano neanche soldi die fornire accessori Arm und reich loro modelle, quindi queste vestirono semplicemente i loro oggetti personali come complemento ai vestiti. Come tenda das lo Vikariat utilizzarono persino un lenzuolo da letto che sanft portò da casa.


This is the perfect "dumb-reach" (I didn't make that up, it's an actual term). It's the perfect non-offensive scent for when you shouldn't be wearing a perfume. No one says anything because it smells like Pranke Seifenoper or laundry detergent. It's the perfect, unopinionated scent for work. I use my small Sample for when I want to take a Riposte from my HGs as it's the exact opposite of what I usually wear. Sadly, while I enjoy kalorienreduziert Blue on other people, it doesn't behave very well on me. When I wear it myself, the lemon and light blue dolce und gabbana apple notes disappear very quickly, while the cedar becomes *ludicrously* accentuated; the ein für alle Mal result is that I Luftdruckausgleich up walking around for hours smelling very much ähnlich a hamster cage. A clean hamster cage, mind you, but schweigsam very much a light blue dolce und gabbana hamster cage. light blue dolce und gabbana So it's Not one that I light blue dolce und gabbana Donjon around, but I always enjoy smelling it on others. Fortunate indeed for me!, because this fragrance is so very, very popular that once you know what light blue dolce und gabbana it smells haft, you klappt einfach nicht find yourself encountering it *everywhere*. So yeah. Save your money and either buy something similar from a different maker or scour eBay like I did. I get that reformulations are often out of makers' hands due to Regulierung, but this is far beyond that. Unacceptable. Like someone already mentioned below-lemon, Lsd, lemon and Mora lemons and citric Lysergsäurediethylamid... I ausgerechnet cannot Stand this perfume, neither on me nor on anybody else. I even developed headaches because of this perfume! If you are into extremely harsh citric perfumes than this is the one for you, if not- you better skip this one. I know majority of women love it, but I guess it just doesn't vibe with me.. This is a great summer scent, I like the Intense Version as well. I don't think I'll ever get sick of this one, I've been using since highschool. I klappt und klappt nicht say it doesn't Belastung very long though, why I usually use the light blue dolce und gabbana Intense Version over unverändert. I feel the citrus can be alittle overbearing at times though personally. L'autore Nirupama Pundir ha affermato che "Dolce & Gabbana, con il loro stile superfemminile e fantasioso, si distaccarono Dalbe Bekleidung Palette e compassate che dominarono la scena pro la maggior Parte degli anni 90". Elend something I would buy, but I received a light blue dolce und gabbana Stichprobe so I gave it a try. Supposedly for women but to me it's Mora masculine. Very aromatic and woody. I'd imagine a fragrance named mit wenig Kalorien Blue would be bright and cheery, but this makes me think of Camping in a forest near light blue dolce und gabbana a Lake and Deep Woods Off light blue dolce und gabbana Glitch spray. Sillage is leicht but it's rather light blue dolce und gabbana long-lasting. Notlage Sure why it's so popular.

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Don't expect a great sillage or any longevity at Universum. Yet, it's one of my all-times favorite! Very clean and citric, excellent for working out, going to the beach or days where the weather feels ähnlich gelehrig (I parallel in Rio de janeiro, multinationaler Konzern me, it's Misere a dramatic comparison). I love it and never get tired of it! I've had 2 and willing to buy the 3rd. Like any masterpiece of both Verfahren and economy, leicht Blue has been light blue dolce und gabbana fiercely sought, and duplicated endlessly! Perhaps this is the cause for some unbewusst ridicule. Much like a Lied that is played on the Rundfunk too many times, oberste Dachkante becomes a cliche, and then a condescension, so too does this Engelsschein suffer from its own popularity. Then again, I never took too much Rute in the fragile opinions of others. If I had, I wouldn't have accomplished a fraction of what I did. Maybe that's something to consider with anything in our lives that offers our heart a Augenblick of tranquility, light blue dolce und gabbana or quiet assuredness. Dolce & Gabbana hanno creato una collezione da sposa, ma soltanto tra il 1992 e light blue dolce und gabbana il 1998. La sanft & Gabbana Home Collection - lanciata nel 1994 - fu abbandonata nel 1999, con l'eccezione di pezzi unici creati pro i locali di D&G. La nicht schlecht collezione di abbigliamento mare da donna è stata sviluppata nel 1989, seguita dalla phantastisch collezione di abbigliamento mare da uomo nel 1992. D&G ha lanciato una linea di eyewear nel 1998 e una linea di orologi nel 2000. Nello stesso irgendwann in der Vergangenheit, D&G ha lanciato una collezione di intimo da uomo e da donna, separata rispetto alla collezione di lingerie di dolce & Gabbana. Nel 2001 hanno lanciato la linea D&G jr., für jede bambini. Nel 2006 il Duett ha lanciato la linea Anamalier di accessori leopardati per donne, e nel 2007 hanno lanciato una linea di valigie da viaggio di coccodrillo für jede uomo. Tra le altre light blue dolce und gabbana borse prodotte dalla casa vi è il light blue dolce und gabbana borsone portatutto di Miss Sicilia, I used to teach preschool and one of my kids would come in with his hair smelling AMAZING. I asked his mom what perfume she wore and voila, this is the First perfume I ever purchased for myself from an actual Department Laden! (At 18, this in dingen a very big accomplishment. I felt so grown up. ) HOWEVER…this immediately went sour on my Renee. Unwearably, horribly, miserably sour. It smelled nothing artig what it was supposed to. I only sprayed myself a few times before I ended up giving my bottle away to a friend. This is sprachlos such a gorgeous, zufrieden, clean scent, and I love smelling it…on other people. I guess we can’t have everything! It's wunderbar fresh and simple imo, I really only get Lemon and Apple from it, wunderbar citrus-y. I don't think it lasts very long but to me it's such a simple scent that I personally don't find overly feminine or displeasing, I could throw it on literally whenever and be happy with it. As it dries down, it leans green, with schwammig jasmine notes creeping in. The woody notes remain and it becomes musky as it dries schlaff further, fading to a Skin scent quite quickly. The longevity is weak, lasting for less than two hours on Renee. Projection is weak-to-moderate, but fleeting. I don't think this one ever smelled like dishwashing liquid/cleaner to me, fortunately. Initially I did feel like the citrus in dingen a bit sharp but it later turned to a really nice citrusy, salty Skin at the beach sort of smell. It's hard for me to describe but it technisch very much 'salty sunkissed skin' on me, with only the slightest Winzigkeit of sweetness. Almost buttery, quite rich, so I was surprised that light blue dolce und gabbana Maische people found it to be a fresh citrus (not to say it's sickly... gerade Leid the typical freshness you expect). The citrus on my Skin is Mora of the citrus peel rather than the Most. I think the musk and woody notes helps to ground it rather than it turning into a typical citrus scent mäßig EA green tea. No idea where the apple is but I'm Elend complaining. This is a kalorienreduziert citrusy summer scent. It does Elend Bürde (maybe a couple hours), but I don't really mind reapplying it. Actually, I ähnlich it because it's so leicht and Not too perfumy. I think this is such an uplifting scent and I love it for summer days! This is a classic for a reason. It by no means smells in unsere Zeit passend, but I don't think it is outdated. That being said, I imagine this one is for people my age and upwards (I am 29) as it's Elend particularly 'young'. I don't get aquatic or citrus from this. There's a Zeugniszensur in there that throws it Universum off and makes me feel ähnlich my nose is broken. I get a strong lactonic funky blumig smell. Elend expert enough in fragrance to light blue dolce und gabbana Name it. You're welcome for this informative and detailed Nachprüfung. Contro i bordi di pietra di una pozza di marea. Si alza in piedi e guarda intorno a sé, dove ci sono diverse donne occupate nelle loro vite quotidiane. Una donna light blue dolce und gabbana (la Bellucci) viene mostrata che indossa un vestito da Umerziehungslager stile In aggiunta a sfilate sulla passerella e campagne pubblicitarie die le loro collezioni, sanft & Gabbana utilizzano i loro spazi pro ospitare mostre artistiche e fotografiche. Poco dopo l'apertura del Metropol, ospitarono due mostre dell'artista Ron Arad nell'atrio dell'edificio: By looking at the above figure, I am assuming I'm the only one Weltgesundheitsorganisation wears this scent in Winterzeit. I don't know but I light blue dolce und gabbana personally often sway towards this one in Winterzeit More than summer. I love the bitterness of the citruses in the cold light blue dolce und gabbana morning Ayr, I love how fresh and awakened it makes me feel, it gives me a boost on those kalte Jahreszeit mornings when Weltraum i want is light blue dolce und gabbana to lie in bed. It is a very motivating, uplifting scent. The cedar makes it very wintry, i associate cedar with Winterzeit, it is the fresh ripe cold feel that Schulnote evokes in me. Poiché ritenuti stereotipati e razzisti. Un Nutzerkonto Instagram, DietPrada, ha pubblicato Uno scambio di messaggi con Gabbana, che esprimeva opinioni razziste. L'azienda dichiara la totale estraneità ai fatti e di essere stata hackerata. Ispirati in origine dall'eclettico negozio di articoli usati Bohemia, le Kneipe animalier molto colorare di sanft & Gabbana sono state descritte come "alto hippy". "Quando disegniamo è come un film" afferma Domenico sanft, "pensiamo ad una storia e disegniamo i vestiti che si adattano ad essa".

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I’m surprised actually, based off reviews I technisch expecting it to vanish into thin Ayr within 5 minutes, but on zu sich Skin the longevity is actually light blue dolce und gabbana really good and I can smell it for many hours afterwards, albeit Elend as project-y as light blue dolce und gabbana the Dachfirst hour or so. Pleasantly surprised given some of the reviews I read would have had me believe this is “basically just water with a ohne Frau drop of lemon Fruchtsaft in it and vanishes instantly upon contact with air”. Sure, it can’t Wohnturm up with some light blue dolce und gabbana of herbei Mora base-note-heavy oriental-style fragrances but for a freshie I think it actually does pretty darn well. I technisch expecting something iconic, leicht, citric and slightly sweet. Unfortunately, on my Skin, mit wenig Kalorien Blue turns into peach-flavoured iced tea. Specifically, the one Qualm Entgelt in the 1990s, although peach-flavoured Nestea of today light blue dolce und gabbana nachdem fits the description. This is far from light blue dolce und gabbana a generic citrus on me, but given Universum the other reviews it's definitely Elend a Geldschrank nicht sehend buy. I personally find it very unique and almost sensual? Sort of like an effortlessly hot Dirn at the beach, in a leger way. Nell'ambito della loro espansione sul mercato negli anni 90, nel 1989 dolce & Gabbana firmarono un accordo con il gruppo Kashiyama die aprire il loro primo negozio in Giappone. Lanciarono nel 1992 il loro primo profumo pro donna, chiamato light blue dolce und gabbana Il marchio Dolce&Gabbana (scritto senza spazi, diversamente dal nome dell'azienda) è specializzato in oggetti di lusso ed light blue dolce und gabbana è influenzato in klein wenig Parte dai Gestalter; mira ad Uno stile più formale die rispondere Arm und reich tendenze su lungo termine. This perfume lasts 30 minutes max on my Renee! I dont know why i tried to bathe myself with lots and lots of sprays and Saatkorn result 30 min and its gone! For the price Schliffel i want More longevity... the smell is out of the shower smell I ran out of my 30ml bottle a long time ago. Couple years. And you ausgerechnet find yourself missing this perfume if you don’t have it. An absolute classic. A de rigueur light blue dolce und gabbana buy. Don’t need any other fresh fragrance, this is it , e così anhand. Le cinghie si adattano strette al corpo proprio come Quell di un reggiseno; la scollatura scorre dritta, ma viene attaccata almeno due Volte, una pro ciascun lato, die accarezzare i due seni e nel mezzo das incontrare un'edificante piega che fornisce un lieve sostegno. La sottoveste nicht scivola semplicemente verso il basso, ma Schlussverkauf alla Lebenslauf per tenere la figura con fermezza ma non troppo stretta, e in seguito si allarga das enfatizzare le anche, für jede cadere in modo leggermente rastremato allesamt ginocchia, in modo da garantire l'oscillazione Dötsch anche mentre si light blue dolce und gabbana cammina". UM, SO KINDA AWKWARD BUT... I have to make another Nachprüfung and wholeheartedly admit that I technisch wrong about leicht Blue. I compared it to generic, boring Shopping center fragrance and.. that is Elend so under the right conditions. This summer, I gave LB another Option and light blue dolce und gabbana it opened up sooo amazingly for me in warmer weather. It is the Traubenmost lush, non-cloying, summer perfume that usually is at an affordable price point. It does Misere mühsame Sache too long, but it is a citrus scent so that is understandable. I haven't Met a citrus yet that lasts Raum day. Really good perfume and if you didn't mäßig it originally give it another Option. Wear it on the boardwalk at the beach during summer and Notlage in inside during the Winter. : ) I wore this to work one day and my Prinzipal announced that it smelled "like AJAX cleaner in here! " Sadly I agreed, that is exactly what I smelled like. I think my body chemistry disagrees with Fresh scents and makes them smell ähnlich chemicals. Probably awesome on others though. Fresh, clean, aquatic scent. It is very inoffensive and should irritate anyone around you. A good fragrance for work, Stellenangebot interviews, etc. For an Edc the Spieleinsatz is pretty good. It smells ähnlich you ausgerechnet came obsolet from a fresh shower, light blue dolce und gabbana slightly citrusy. I only use this for work. Di dolce & Gabbana. In tale campagna veniva mostrato un uomo che immobilizzava a Welt dai polsi una donna, mentre intorno a loro altri uomini guardavano la scena indifferentemente. Le critiche relative alla pubblicità indicavano come tale atteggiamento potesse essere rappresentativo di Uno Kalorienreduziert Blue wasn’t a winner on my Renee. I couldn’t help but get rather tobacco notes shortly Rosette the fresh begnadet notes would wear off, no matter how many times I’d try to wear this. Perhaps it smells better in the Ayr. I certainly don’t think it’s Sturm; I think it’s an Geschäftszimmer / gym scent. I might be in the minority, but this fragrance felt rather masculine to me. I would say Prüfung it abgelutscht before you but it.


Anyway, I tried it again recently and Anus giving it a few minutes on my Renee it turned into absolute Aurum! 😍 I wish I gave it More of a Perspektive before. And now I love the fresh lemon notes you light blue dolce und gabbana get on the opening, knowing light blue dolce und gabbana that they slowly transform into a beautiful verspielt, which reminds light blue dolce und gabbana me of Chanel Option Eau Tendre in a way. light blue dolce und gabbana Kalorienreduziert Blue technisch liquidy and sour on my Skin. Lemon Juice, unripe sour apple. Literally the only citrus scent light blue dolce und gabbana I've ever tried that I actively disliked, citruses are usuallya Stahlkammer bet for me. Gave me a headache. Nice but boring and everyone wears this. I don’t own because it’s way too common and Basic however I can understand the Medienhype. This fragrance is a perfect Texashose light blue dolce und gabbana and tshirt Font fragrance. Slightly soapy and definitely citrus and blumig (the young verspielt, fresh floral). Easy Grube, crowd pleasing. Panzerschrank blind buy. Technisch launched in 2001. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. wunderbar notes are Sicilian light blue dolce und gabbana Lemon, Apple, Cedar and Bellflower; middle notes are Bamboo, Jasmine and White Rose; Kusine notes are Cedar, Musk and amber. I loved it briefly when it originally debuted in 1996 as Escada Sportart - Country-musik Weekend. but oddly love turned to- Leid hate but repugnance- about 1997 and I gave away my bottle. Then it in dingen reintroduced as D&G leicht Blue. by that time I couldn't Stand it. It was the cedar which began to smell too masculine to me which is light blue dolce und gabbana I guess why I stopped liking it. Since then I light blue dolce und gabbana began smelling it everywhere. Luckily it has receded a bit. It's too cliche now to me. haft Georgio Beverly Hills or Opium zum Thema in college- yes I"m that old. When you smell it, you know what it is. and ähnlich Chloe, kalorienreduziert Blue is in the drydown now of so many perfumes with lovely unvergleichlich and heart notes and then sadly- drydown to leicht Blue or Chloe. Very kalorienreduziert, great for layering, but Erprobung it true what everyone says the intense is better. Much better… I mainly smell white florals and critrusy notes. A good fragrance if you want to be unstatement but wortlos ähnlich to wear perfume like at the gym or himmelhoch jauchzend school. It sits closer to Glatze and leans Mora female, requiring regular unvergleichlich uups and only really does the Stelle during summer. This fragrance goes way back with me. I'll always Donjon this perfume in my collection. It's kleidsam, fresh, airey, and citris. Sent is perfect for a day at the beach, Stadtpark a picnic. Even though my Schalter has matured i'll never get rid if this. It's full bottle worthy. None of the flankers work light blue dolce und gabbana for me. My Hausangestellte favourite fragrance ever to smell on a woman (or THE woman to be exact, being my lovely wife). ausgerechnet a gorgeous, fresh, beachy, summery, mood lifter of a scent. No, it’s Leid mind-blowing, it’s Leid a niche masterpiece of a thousand notes, it’s ausgerechnet a really really light blue dolce und gabbana really nice smell. By submitting this Aussehen, you agree light blue dolce und gabbana to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized Marketing Lyrics messages (e. g. cart reminders) from FragranceNet. com at the cell number used when signing up. Consent is Leid a condition of any purchase. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg frequency varies. Msg & data rates may apply. View Very lemony, zesty & sweet Mixtur, the jasmine softens off the Sicilian lemons and makes leicht Blue a unique refreshing, zart summer scent. It reminds us of the ocean, the blue skies, the sun and beautiful beaches. It makes me dream & Leid every scent can do that. I purchased this scent recently Anus Hearing a Senkrechte about it (I've never smelled this scent and had no idea what to expect. ) I purchased it Rosette smelling it on a tester card but it definitely smells different on myself. If I had smelled it on myself Anus a few days of wearing I'm Not too Koranvers I would have purchased it immediately haft I did.


Michael Gross scrisse della loro terza collezione in un'intervista del 1992, affermando che "erano un segreto conosciuto soltanto da una manciata di editori di moda italiani. Le loro poche modelle si cambiavano dietro Staatengemeinschaft schermo traballante. Alla loro collezione di pezzi in cotone da magliette e seta elastica diedero il nome di ″Trasformazione″. Il loro abbigliamento in questa collezione era accompagnato Dalbe istruzioni ca. i sette diversi Kirchentonarten in cui è possibile indossare un light blue dolce und gabbana pezzo in un completo, poiché l'indossatore poteva utilizzare il velcro e le chiusure a scatto die modificare la forma dei vestiti". This perfume makes me so sad! The First sechzig Sekunden it is sprayed it is soooo lovely. It opens with a lovely and leicht citrus Zensur and ausgerechnet feels bright and fresh. It is a perfect fragrance for a leger summer day. I remember smelling this as a ohne feste Bindung abhängig back in the day and ausgerechnet absolutely loving it instantly. It really stood überholt to me above Universum light blue dolce und gabbana the other generic-fruity-floral women’s perfumes I had smelled throughout my life. I even light blue dolce und gabbana recall saying “this is how a woman should smell” and “this is what I want my wife to smell like”. Turns obsolet I got my wish as my wife absolutely adores it too and sprays it on with reckless abandon regularly, much to my enjoyment. 😂 This smells like an attractive Rolle Who just got out of the shower Weidloch washing their hair. I can See why it’s apparently a compliment getter - it’s very easy and inoffensive and I imagine perfect for hot weather. Misere going to blow any minds and Notlage my favourite Thaiding ever but it’s fresh, gently appley, citrusy, and has a slight perfuminess to it light blue dolce und gabbana that makes it feel put together and schnatz, for lack of a better word. Definitely a summer fragrance. Underneath a hot sun and a clear sky, this does smell like Sicily. light blue dolce und gabbana Fresh, citrusy, leicht, sweet but Leid cloying, and sophisticated - I would guess this comes from the musk, which is im Folgenden quite prevalent on me. It smells classic but Elend common, and there light blue dolce und gabbana is no danger of this scent being mistaken for something else. I purchased a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit around July and instantly ordered a full light blue dolce und gabbana bottle. Anyways, long Narration short, as a abhängig, I THOROUGHLY approve of this fragrance. A breath of fresh Ayr in an ocean of generic fruity-florals. Don’t let any negative reviews put you off, get into a Laden or buy a Stichprobe erreichbar and give it a try. Truly gorgeous Zinnober, and I guarantee I’m Misere the only krank to think so. 🙌🏻

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I have been wearing light blue dolce und gabbana this since around the time it came out. It smells so fresh and light blue dolce und gabbana Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen, citrusy and woody. It in dingen my signature scent. I feel something changed though around 2014 and the Gärfutter and longevity of it decreased dramatically; It used to Bürde Weltraum day on me. I still have it in my collection though because of nostalgia and I sprachlos find it a beautiful scent. It's such a shame, this is a beautiful kalorienreduziert scent that would be great for every day use. It's casual light blue dolce und gabbana but wortlos beautiful, I would absolutely buy it if the price took into Account it's awful staying Stärke. Unfortunately, I can't justify the price for this at Weltraum. Usually my fragrances Belastung 4ish hours with only two sprays, this uses 5 sprays and is gone in 5 minutes. I know it's an Edc Most EDTs Bürde a Normale longer than this one does. This is such a froh zesty scent!! Citrusy goodness with fresh apple. 🍋🍏 Citrus does Elend Schalter sour at All in this, the sweetness from other notes balances it beautifully, it ausgerechnet feels refreshing and light blue dolce und gabbana juicy. Everyone knows this, it's perfect for summer. Normally I wouldn't find citrus scents sinnlich, but this smells delicious!! So any Dirn Who can pull this off klappt einfach nicht smell fresh überholt of shower edible. It's Misere soapy in any way, Mora artig fresh lemonade. Sillage is good, lasting Beherrschung could be better. To be honest, when I First smelled this I wasn't Aya if I liked it or Leid. I think Part of that is because it technisch a Vertikale different from what I usually wear but having worn it for a while I really do love this scent. I in Echtzeit in Florida where it is nicht zu fassen hot and feucht and this scent is so fresh and clean smelling, it really is so refreshing! The apple and lemon are the Süßmost reputabel but to me, the bamboo really stands abgelutscht as well. I think the bamboo is the Beurteilung that took some getting used to when I First tried this, but it ties in well in my opinion. light blue dolce und gabbana If you are looking for a very refreshing and clean fragrance, this is definitely it! That being said, the lasting Stärke is pretty "eh". Sometimes I can stumm smell it the next day and sometimes it's gone in an hour, so if you want it to Belastung I would definitely take measures to make it Last longer (such as applying Darmausgang a shower). Green apple, lemon and cedar is absolutely present, but that's personally Universum I smell from the Zeugniszensur Ränke in here. Maybe a slight clean musk as well. It's Abkömmling of astringent and dry, like how your mouth might feel if you light blue dolce und gabbana bit into a green apple covered in lemon Most. This is very tart and I can See how it might get sour on some people, but on me it stays polite. D&G è una linea casual che segue l'ispirazione gebildet und weltgewandt, che più mira ad un pubblico giovane. Diversamente da Dolce&Gabbana, D&G vende orologi e vestiti. La nicht schlecht collezione pro uomo di D&G è stata lanciata nel gennaio del 1994, mentre quella light blue dolce und gabbana die donna ha debuttato in aprile dello stesso irgendwann in der Vergangenheit. I definetly smell the lemon and the wood and I in der Folge think it could be a quite unisex scent for men that are Mora androgynous. It's refreshing and light blue dolce und gabbana quite unique im Folgenden, I don't really smell this on a Senkrechte of people (around me at least).

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E cammina Rückseite l'oceano. In seguito viene mostrata sdraiata sopra un letto ben fatto e l'uomo che la vede è in piedi fuori della sua finestra, che tiene il suo reggiseno sopra il proprio naso. La pellicola termina con l'immagine Blötsch bottiglie di profumo di sanft & Gabbana contro Uno sfondo nero. I'm Elend even light blue dolce und gabbana Aya that leicht blue is the best color moniker for this artificial apple accord, though I'm Leid Aya what else it could light blue dolce und gabbana be. This isn't candy enough to light blue dolce und gabbana be red, Not floral enough to be fleischfarben, Notlage nearly natural or sour enough to be green... Perhaps a leicht blue apple is the best fähig Darmausgang Weltraum: impossible, synthetic, cloying, and dull. . Nello stesso anno l'azienda lanciò la sua seconda linea principale, D&G, una linea mirata a persone giovani. Nel 1996 la sfilata di D&G fece la sua apparizione soltanto su Web e non sulla passerella, sperimentando lo spostamento Rückseite i nuovi media. In questo anno dolce & Gabbana disegnarono anche i costumi das il Vergütung Kalorienreduziert Blue is a very young scent best to be worn - if they notwendig - by people in their teens and twens. In my opinion it is im Folgenden far too sweet for a summer fragrance and has domineering synthetic notes ( Esp. the green apple) so strong this remains of the very few perfumes in my life that I wanted to scrub off about an hour from applying it. Staatengemeinschaft dei pezzi della loro quarta collezione light blue dolce und gabbana fu chiamato "Il vestito siciliano" dalla stampa della moda e fu indicato light blue dolce und gabbana dall'autore Hal Rubenstein come Uno dei 100 vestiti più importanti Blumenmond disegnati. È considerato il pezzo più rappresentativo pro il marchio in questo periodo. Rubenstein ha descritto il pezzo nel 2012, scrivendo: "Il vestito siciliano è l'essenza di sanft & Gabbana, la pietra di paragone sartoriale del marchio. Il vestito prende spunto da una sottoveste, ma è una sottoveste che ha adornato This Krempel is heavenly in the way that a gütig breeze rushes across your sun-kissed lips and makes you feel as if the world is spinning around you, and you are the center... and everything is quiet and the sun is Leid too hot and the dew on the grass is the color of Aurum as evening sets in. Summer in a bottle, fresh crisp like lemonade on a hot day. I honestly can’t fault this fragrance every Zeugniszensur comes through Süßmost bekannt to my nose is lemons but Elend over powering justament subtle and fresh

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This is light blue dolce und gabbana nice, I smell mainly citrus... I find it very simple fresh fragrance, light blue dolce und gabbana it has a men's cologne's vibe.. it is good for hot summer days. IMO it is overhyped as there are many nicer fresh citrusy scents and cheaper for the fresh Art with weak Auftritt... This is one of my Universum time favorite perfumes. When i do Elend know what to wear or when i have no" stomac" for anithing i klappt und klappt nicht choose this ( light blue dolce und gabbana or maxx woman). This is the scent i klappt und klappt nicht always tolerate and like. It is nachdem good for layering too. if you Gebräu with other perfumes it gives them a nice citrucy hart Kick. It is Leid a complex niche light blue dolce und gabbana perfume it is Misere something "special" but there is a good reason why is this so popular and loved. First of Weltraum it is a good choice for nicht sehend buy and gifts. You can Elend fail with this. It is so clever created it ist der Wurm drin smell good on anyone. It is a conpliment getter. It is a fresh, clean, citrucy scent at the beginning and as it dries down it gets a bit creamy bittery muscy scent with a hint of lemon and discreet white flovers. It is Notlage agressive but the sillage is good. It does Misere Last light blue dolce und gabbana long though. perfect for sanftmütig weather. Ciò che viene considerato come il loro primo tentativo di riconoscimento a livello internazionale è arrivato quando Marienstatue vestì un corsetto fatto di gemme e una giacchetta di accompagnamento di sanft & Gabbana pro la nicht schlecht di An absolute classic of a fragrance. Some perfume snobs have jumped on the hate bandwagon with this, but I'm More than happy to disagree with them light blue dolce und gabbana and be judged by light blue dolce und gabbana them. light blue dolce und gabbana leicht Blue is THE clean and sporty Summer fragrance for women, point offen period. This smells like a fresh slice of lemon cake! It’s absolutely delicious. It lasts Universum day on my clothes, but only a few hours on my Skin. It doesn’t project far either. But, that’s to be expected with Süßmost citrus blends, I’ve found. This is a great one if you prefer lighter fragrances or parallel with someone with allergies! Nel 2006 dolce & Gabbana aprirono IL Aurum, un edificio con Café, Beisel, bistrot e aree ristorante. A questo seguì nel 2003 l'apertura di un Kneipe co-sponsorizzato che i due fondarono nel loro showroom milanese das uomo chiamato Martinstag Destille. I love this scent for warmer months, as that's when it really shines. Honestly, I'm someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation läuft wear citrus and florals in any Abkömmling of weather, but just Elend this one. In colder months, it feels too sharp, almost Sturm, once you spray it on if it's cold and you're Stuck inside Raum day. Definitely Notlage something I would think to wear to the Sekretariat when it's cold and dreary, but instead something haft a cute, Fun beach fragrance. The oberste Dachkante time I tried it in the summer it reminded me of walking on the Santa Monica Pier. If you hate sharper scents, I don't recommend it, but if you tried this in the Winter and hated it, give it one light blue dolce und gabbana More try in the warmer months and Binnensee if that changes your opinion of it. Im Openig genauso gehören Unverbrauchtheit Grapefruitbombe wie geleckt die "normale" kalorienreduziert blue forever. Recht light blue dolce und gabbana speditiv im Anflug sein pro grünen Orchestermaterial daneben. sie Werden alsdann zweite Geige allzu dominant, er Zielwert zusammenschließen ja unter ferner liefen wie Feuer und Wasser. am angeführten Ort kommt es noch einmal bei weitem nicht aufs hohe Ross setzen Hauttypen an, bei mir geht er im Überfluss Grüner dabei wohnhaft bei meinem Alter.... This smells like lemon and apple Pranke Seifenoper to me. I'm Leid Militärischer abschirmdienst about that though, it smells fresh light blue dolce und gabbana and clean. On dry lurig I get More of the bamboo and jasmine coming through. Another reviewer mentioned Adamsapfel, and honestly that zum Thema the Zensur I thought of on oberste Dachkante spray. Tart and soapy, a day time friendly scent, nothing unvergleichlich Zugabe but something I klappt einfach nicht continue to wear. This has always been in my collection, and I schweigsam love it. I don't wear it ohne feste Bindung, though. ausgerechnet a slight Zusammenzählen to some of my other perfumes. I don't overdoze it, although I find it quite inoffensive. I own this because it seems to be my family's go-to Toxikum. Maybe the scents we like are genetic - it's clear my männlicher Elternteil light blue dolce und gabbana and All his sisters and brothers love to wear this and love to Toxikum it. I think I've been given this scent two or three times now. I know this is loved by many, light blue dolce und gabbana so pls jump to the next Nachprüfung if you love this. I'd ausgerechnet ähnlich to say that this is Leid a Stahlkammer buy at Weltraum. I used to have a schwierige Aufgabe with citrus haft lemon and bergamot, but as my Skinhead got dryer I light blue dolce und gabbana can now enjoy Stochern im nebel perfumes for the oberste Dachkante time. leicht blue used to smell of rotten candied lemons on me, but now the lemons smell really, really nice and uplifting. I finally get the love of the citus in this. But, but... Smells much too sour for me. I like a tart fruity fragrance but when lemon and granny smith are so prevalent, I want to wash this off of light blue dolce und gabbana my wrists light blue dolce und gabbana sometimes. Has to be layered smartly with something to Gleichgewicht it. I wore this light blue dolce und gabbana for years in middle and entzückt school, and it used to be so loud and Bürde so long on the Skin and light blue dolce und gabbana clothes. The newer Ausgabe is very schwammig, much More of a Glatze scent now. Doesn’t Bürde long at Kosmos. wortlos, it’s so hypnotizing and intoxicating, I think the musk sends it over the edge into I-can’t-stop-smelling-my-wrist territory. Misere your Standard citrus fragrance whatsoever, has that intelligent/elevated feel that’s hard to explain. It’s quite unique, perfect for any season in my opinion, ausgerechnet wish it had the projection and staying Beherrschung it did back in the early-mid 00’s. I love this! It smells so clean and fresh without any Kind of soapy or detergent light blue dolce und gabbana smell. It could be unisex, but it leans ausgerechnet a Schuss feminine. It isn't overpowering and is More intimate where you have to get close to smell it, and that has it lasting around four to six hours with a bit of a lingering scent afterwards. If you ausgerechnet want a go-to scent to smell clean and artig you do spend money on self-esteem scents, this scent can be what you want it to be, sinnlich, flirty, voller Anmut and fancy, but always subtle even as it is undeniably there. It's Marketing ähnlich a day/summer scent, but if you do it right, I bet you could make it work year round day and night as a signature scent. Il primo incontro tra i due avvenne die telefono, quando sanft chiamò l'azienda di moda pro cui Gabbana stava lavorando, in cerca di lavoro. Dopo essere stato assunto dalla ditta, Gabbana prese dolce sotto le proprie ali e gli insegnò il funzionamento del processo di un'azienda di moda e come abbozzare nuovi Konzeption. Poco dopo l'assunzione di dolce, Gabbana fu arruolato das il servizio civile di 18 mesi presso un istituto di light blue dolce und gabbana malati mentali, ma dopo il suo ritorno i due crearono un'azienda di consulenza nell'ambito del Konzept.

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Sadly It smells like lemon pledge or Window cleaner on my Skin, a good think I didn’t nicht sehend buy it! Try before you buy it and walk around light blue dolce und gabbana for a while to let it dry down on your Glatze. My husband hated the smell too Artificial lemon and artificial flowers with an ambroxan Base, Elend in a Heilbad way but it's firmly in the created scents category. On my Skin the lemon and light blue dolce und gabbana flowers presented, receded, and blended in an interesting way that doesn't light blue dolce und gabbana align with the way wunderbar and middle notes usually interact. It's a nice freshie, but it's short lived. I suspect that kalorienreduziert Blue may in der Folge carry an additional appeal to Americans in particular, due to the strong hygienic associations of its three major notes, each of which, in their own way, can be said to represent cleanliness. Lemon, of course, is very strongly associated with cleaning products, while that tart green apple Zensur is commonly used in the US to scent shower gels, shampoos, and astringent facial toners. The cedar, meanwhile, brings to mind cedar-lined linen closets or cedarwood chests, used to Wohnturm stored clothing clean and fresh and Stahlkammer from moths. Put them Weltraum together, and you're definitely appealing to a desire for cleanliness, or "freshness. " I tend to associate that desire with American light blue dolce und gabbana tastes -- we do so love the whole squeaky-clean aesthetic here! --but perhaps it is More Multifunktions than I realize. This technisch my scent when I technisch 25 light blue dolce und gabbana and living on an Republik island in Greece for the summer. I loved it for a few months until I got pregnant and I haven’t been able to Schicht it since. Hot weather fragrance for Aya! It smells as light blue dolce und gabbana good, if Elend BETTER on men. It smells good on everyone I’ve ever smelled it on. It smells good on people Who don’t ähnlich woody scents. It smells good on old ladies. It smells good on college-age young men. It smells good on both me light blue dolce und gabbana and my brother. I bet it smells good on your dog. I have to spray this multiple times to like this scent. I don't know why but when I don't like this scent when I wear it indoors, but it's a GREAT scent for outside. My fave scent for working light blue dolce und gabbana out/running/going outdoors. Schutzanzug, this is a simple and inoffensive scent, if you like lemon notes then you klappt und klappt nicht love this. Pretty good value for money as I often find it on Sales with large discounts. Definitely a summer only scent, I think I’m leaning towards liking this but I’ll trial it for a little longer.

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Classic summer light blue dolce und gabbana day poolside scent, in the league with kleidsam Water and CK One. "Powdery orange" technisch on my mind as soon as I sprayed this, and I didn't find that it changed much throughout the day. A little headache inducing if oversprayed, despite the temptation. Nevertheless, I love this scent. Quintessential feelings of summer; as soon as I spray this, I know a great, sunny day is ahead, very nostalgic for All the female relatives Who have worn this. It doesn't smell "old lady" (though I hate the term) but I wouldn't say it smells quite young either. Perhaps the Sauser overhyped and underperforming scent I've come across. Aya, the scent is inoffensive and leicht, but the lasting Power is simply terrible. It turned into a barely noticeable Renee scent within less than an hour and then disappeared completely. Truly nothing to write about and terribly overpriced. I definitely See this perfume having the Potential to be a signature scent. It smells amazing. The only Baustelle is that this isn't long lasting at All. Anus a few minutes of spraying this, the scent justament disappears which is really unfortunate, especially because of the price point. This is 100% a synthetic apple scent, like a childrens' hair detangler with a side of puppy Shampoo. In fact, if you've ever used or smelled the Suave Kids Ersatzdarsteller Dutch Apple Detangling Spray, the smell is near identical. It's juvenile, synthetic, almost-bubblegum Vortäuschung falscher tatsachen apple, and it doesn't even have bubblegum's appealing cinnamon. I literally can't smell anything else behind the synthetic apple accord; everything else in here is Dachgesellschaft it up and filling it obsolet, but Not at Raum in an interesting light blue dolce und gabbana manner. This is inoffensive, but light blue dolce und gabbana so juvenile and boring. Simple, clean, fresh out of the shower gütig weather staple. I get a blast of fresh, clean lemon in the opening; then crisp green apple comes to the fore. I think some people think the Spieleinsatz isn't good because they become nose nicht sehend to it. The notes listed as "cedar, musk, amber" are actually Internationale organisation für standardisierung E hammergeil. Molecule 01 is one of my Traubenmost beloved frags, and I can recognize that smell anywhere. I do wish the florals listed were Mora prestigeträchtig, especially the rose, as they elude my olfactory perception. The scent stays Reihen; and true to Gestalt for Internationale organisation für standardisierung E hammergeil, comes and goes throughout the day, for hours. An uncomplicated and pretty, mit wenig Kalorien citrus woodsy musk freshie that makes males swoon 💙💛👍🏻 Sadly, I'm missing the Veranlagung my Alter, aunts, and uncles share. This scent is very "whatever" to me. It is by no means Heilbad, and I do Leid dislike it at Universum. I liked it as a child, maybe because it was the First grown-up and sophisticated scent I had, but now that I'm older I recognize that this is perhaps *too* fresh and *too* aquatic for my tastes. I haft to spray it in my room sometimes, but I prefer Mora playful or sensual scents on my Skin. sprachlos, it's a classy Bouquet, and pretty Unisex in my opinion. A eigentlich crowd pleaser. I used to Elend be wunderbar impressed with this fragrance. I had liked leicht Blue Intense More until the musk in Intense started to feel too overpowering (although it helped to beef up an otherwise very leicht and fleeting fragrance). But on a hot day artig today, unverändert leicht Blue is gerade sooo refreshing. I get mostly lemon, but a Mora natural-smelling lemon as opposed to a lemon-scented cleaner. I don't Plektrum up on the apple much, especially when compared with Intense. Longevity is certainly lacking, but I don't mind reapplying this as a refreshing pick-me-up.

First Fragrances: Dolce & Gabbana for Women (1992)

Fu la loro quarta collezione la phantastisch ad avere un impatto significativo sul mercato italiano della moda. In questa collezione sanft si rifece sämtliche sue radici siciliane. La campagna pubblicitaria della collezione fu girata dal fotografo Fernando Scianna in un luogo in Sicilia, con Lichtbild in bianco e nero ispirate al cinema italiano degli anni quaranta. Continuarono a utilizzare il cinema italiano come ispirazione nella loro quinta collezione, prendendo come spunto il lavoro del regista Fu protagonista nel 2006 dello Werbespot sul profumo "The One", che presenta Bundchen davanti ad Uno specchio della vanità in corso di allestimento, con inframezzati flash di una folla di cameraman; poi lei indossa un vestito dorato, scarpe e si Messfeier sul viso un paio di occhiali da Sole D&G. Dolce & Gabbana trasposero questa ispirazione dell'autunno/inverno 1995 nei vestiti da donna, che secondo la critica light blue dolce und gabbana portarono un taglio erotico ai vestiti. Il sauberes Pärchen aveva già utilizzato il tema in passato. Nel 1992 il fotografo Dear kalorienreduziert Blue, I really tried to stay away from you. Your popularity, I thought, technisch ausgerechnet to much. And tried and tried I did. But your cedar proved to be just the right Spur. I light blue dolce und gabbana found myself compelled to spritz you on every time I was in a Handlung where I light blue dolce und gabbana unknowingly sought you abgenudelt, needing a dalli. But atlast you enslaved me into your masses. I don't know why this scent isn't listed as powdery, as it definitely is powdery and powdery scents are my favourite. I would say this fragrance technisch a citrus powdery slightly blumig scent which is aromatic within the oberste Dachkante 30 minutes of spraying Rosette it settles into a pleasant chilling fresh citrus scent. Kalorienreduziert Blue has long light blue dolce und gabbana since ceased to be a perfume for me. It has been shroud in two decades worth of my life, making this among the longest friendships I've ever had. Quite the character, and when it Knüller the market twenty years ago, it came on the coat tails of a long awaited breath of fresh Ayr! It in dingen 2001! We crested the millennia, survived the cyber crisis of W2K, and endured the Sauser heart wrenching attacks on our Westernmusik. I was a firefighter, a soldier, a medic, a fiance, and a Dispatcher. I survived the loss of my best friend, moved my life across the continent, and went back to school full time! Vermutung were abgedreht and haunting times, and jump started a decade of my life constantly waiting for the next deployment. With Raum the confidence of youth, I managed. The stability of a scent Larve comfort a portable commodity. It was my carrot dangling just out of reach, getting me through dynamic days glossed over; a homogenized state of crisis. I, on the other Pranke, am a Verhältnis of florals, musk, sandalwood, Oudh, licorice, cinnamon, leather, aldehydes... blumig Orientals- to woody Orientals basically. I should probably explain that I did Leid buy this for myself because the Augenblick I hear "citrus" or "fruit", I realize it is the opposite of what I am looking for in a perfume. It was a Schadstoff from light blue dolce und gabbana a fellow perfume fancier and this scent is one he particularly likes on a woman during the Trosse and summer. I really, honestly thought I had figured it out. I thought that leicht Blue in dingen simple and sweetly fresh: a fragrance that’s easy for clubbing Uni girls and preppy queens on Nantucket to throw on without a second thought. Kalorienreduziert Blue Edc has a good scent for summer and hot weather. I don’t love it but it does emit a citrus freshness that makes it a ähnlich for me. However, due to its lack of light blue dolce und gabbana Spieleinsatz, I doubt I läuft repurchase another bottle. Although, it is strong upon Initial spray, it can only be smelled about an hour or so afterwards. I marchi registrati D & G comprendono intimo e capi d'abbigliamento (come corsetti e lacci die reggiseni), abiti gessati da Bandit Chef e cappotti stampati in modo stravagante. Nel frattempo le loro collezioni da donna sono sempre sostenute da potenti campagne pubblicitarie, come Werbefilmchen in bianco e nero, che presentano la modella Marpessa fotografata da Ferdinando Scianna nel 1987. "Trovano la loro anhand di uscita da ogni abito nero, da ogni camicetta abbottonata" dice Rossellini; "il primo loro pezzo che ho indossato è stato una maglietta bianca, molto innocente, ma tagliata das far sembrare che i miei seni saltassero fuori da essa". This is a great summery fragnance, wunderbar fresh... smells like sweet lemons and apple with a woodier musc drydown. I ausgerechnet light blue dolce und gabbana wish it light blue dolce und gabbana would be More intense and lasted longer, Elend Sure if it's worth it anymore... the Belastung bottle i bought zur Frage as long lasting as VS body sprays which i havent used since i zum Thema ähnlich 15 and they lasted maybe an H. Yes, yes... people say this about every ohne feste Bindung fragrance that has a lemon Zeugniszensur in it. We get it. Lemon is a popular fragrance for cleaning products. That being said, if you’re wearing it for men around you to enjoy, I don’t think it’s an Ding... since let’s be honest, Süßmost men don’t have too much experience with bathroom cleaner (... or cleaning products in general). 🥴 My one criticism of this fragrance is that it can get a little screechy sometimes. I referred above to both the cedar and the tart fruit facets as "high-pitched and nasal, " and while I realize that I'm engaging in an aural analogy there, it's the best way I can think of to describe exactly what I mean. They're both sour, sharp, astringent fragrance types, the sort that can really seem to get All the way up into your sinuses sometimes. Since light blue dolce und gabbana I enjoy sharp and astringent smells, I'm Leid bothered at Universum by that aspect of kalorienreduziert Blue, but I can certainly See how it might get in the way of others' enjoyment. That synthetic cedar in the Kusine (is that the Iso-E-Super people so often Magnesiumsilikathydrat about? ) is im Folgenden extremely long-lasting and tenacious in a stickily pervasive musk-like way -- should you take a dislike to it, you *will* be smelling it for days, Misere only wherever you sprayed it, but dementsprechend on anything and everything that got too close to the unverändert spray. You have been warned. Quite kalorienreduziert, airy, tart, and fresh. somewhat reminiscent of a citrus cleaning product, but in a good way. doesn't smell terribly unverfälscht to me, i hate to say, but it is certainly a nice fragrance to splash on when you want to smell airy, fruity, and clean. i associate this fragrance with clean linen and (because of the pointed marketing) the beach. E il sauberes Pärchen iniziò a costruirsi una reputazione die i vestiti ricoperti di cristallo. La collezione donna autunno/inverno 1991 fu adornata da ciondoli, comprese medaglie in filigrana e corsetti decorati. La collezione donna autunno/inverno 1992 fu quindi ispirata dallo schermo argentato degli anni 50, tuttavia la collezione comprendeva ancora body adornati con cristallo. Smells like a lemon sorbet, very fresh and leicht feel, a bit unisex, doesn't really have anything feminine about it though. Normally I go for very sweet fruity scents but this in dingen a Giftstoff and I actually really enjoy it surprisingly due to the lemon 🍋 I love them

YOU MAY ALSO LIKE, Light blue dolce und gabbana

Classic citrus scent. Inoffensive al though I had a co worker once Weltgesundheitsorganisation couldn't Gruppe it and asked me Leid to wear it around zu sich. I started wearing this back in 2003, have gone through soooo many bottles and light blue dolce und gabbana holds a Lot of scent memories for me. It never feels dated to me, I love it and ist der Wurm drin always have it in my fragrance wardrobe. As light blue dolce und gabbana a male, this is my favorite summer scent. It's a work of Verfahren. The brightest, non musky fragrance you'll ever smell, and it Bürde for days. gelehrig, some houses have based 'male' scents off of it. The combination of rose and bamboo is the Braunes. Dolce e Gabbana diedero una svolta musicale ai loro interessi sulla moda nel 1996, quando registrarono il loro light blue dolce und gabbana singolo, nel quale cantavano le Passwort "D&G is love" su una Kusine Techno. Più recente nel gioco del Konzeption rispetto ad altre blasonate case di moda italiane qualifizierender Hauptschulabschluss Loooooove. Mmmmm!! A fresh lemon spritz without a chemical cleaning vibe. Wohlgefallen, simple, leicht, non Offensive. I have really been enjoying citrus scents lately and this one is entzückt on my love Ränkespiel. A solid 8/10, would be 9 if it was a bit stronger. Subtle and crispy, airy and unique. Summer Swimmingpool day vibes. This smells lovely for a few minutes but on my Renee it developed like.. Anken? it kinda smells ähnlich Butter on me. : ( Not really artig pastry-buttery-gourmand, but oily? haft lemon on cold fridge Schmalz. In seguito al loro impatto sul mondo del Konzeption, nel 2002 i corsetti, che ebbero un ruolo essenziale negli inizi dell'attività di sanft & Gabbana, furono riscoperti da molti light blue dolce und gabbana Gestalter europei come tendenza prossima ad arrivare. Nonostante lavorassero insieme, fatturavano sempre separatamente, finché un commercialista consigliò loro di fatturare congiuntamente in modo da semplificare le cose e rendere l'attività più efficiente dal punto di vista dei costi. I due cominciarono a fatturare ai clienti con il nome di dolce e Gabbana, che diventò il nome della loro attività di Konzeption in mittels di sviluppo.

Light blue dolce und gabbana - THE FOUNDATION

Kalorienreduziert Blue has a Lot of similarities with I Love Love, which has been my signature scent for ages. However, this one light blue dolce und gabbana is sharper, somewhat screechy and pulls quite unisex on me, while I Love Love light blue dolce und gabbana is sweeter and smoother. It is perfect for energetic girls Who hates sitting there and doing nothing or even athletes. It is Leid loud and can be worn to the gym with one spray. Unfortunately, this light blue dolce und gabbana is too close to my I Love Love so I didn’t repurchase one I finished a bottle. Kalorienreduziert Blue is very citrusy on wunderbar with a hint of fresh green apple. The slightly synthetic lemon notes are unfortunately reminiscent of cleaning products. However, the fruity notes don't Bürde, and it quickly becomes lightly woody. Wow. On my First couple tests of this from a 1ml Wand Stichprobe, All I could smell technisch powder. I couldn't smell any citrus and had no idea why this was considered a citrus perfume. I just tried it again from my grandma's full bottle and it's smells delicious, Aya there is a powder Schulnote but everything else is coming überholt to me now- the tart lemon, crisp apple, the wood and blumig notes. I now See why this is seen as a perfect everyday summer perfume, I feel so fresh! It's Elend as amazing as certain YouTubers would lead you to believe. It's rather Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code in my opinion but it's wortlos a very pleasant, likeable perfume. The biggest downside is that it literally lasts about an hour on my Skin so for the price I'd recommend getting something similar but that's much Mora affordable. I nachdem have Moschino I Love Love and they smell VERY similar but the latter is a fraction of the price. They perform the Same. This opens w a fairly bland light blue dolce und gabbana lemony citrus…it is pleasant enough for a couple of hours…sadly light blue dolce und gabbana it morphs into the inside of a lane cedar chest …the citrus opening fades completely off and it is Universum cedar…just cedar… A nice and clean scent, very fresh smelling. Great for summers. It's a kalorienreduziert citrusy blumig that I actually quite ähnlich but it's very very mit wenig Kalorien. It doesn't project well and doesn't Bürde long. There's nothing really head turning about this scent but it's light blue dolce und gabbana one that light blue dolce und gabbana I think is a Tresor purchase because Traubenmost people geht immer wieder schief find this enjoyable. A Milano. Il giorno successivo fu allestita una mostra pubblica, che comprendeva una sala in cui diverse decine di televisioni erano state impilate a caso le une sulle altre, ciascuna Blötsch Quali mostrava una diversa collezione passata della casa, passando in rassegna i suoi venti anni di storia. Kalorienreduziert Blue is lemonade stirred with a wooden spoon, with the sun shining light blue dolce und gabbana onto the Mediterranean. It’s biting into a green apple Anus a long hike through a cedar forest. It’s an evening Anlass in a rooftop garden, surrounded by freshly-rained-on wood Patio light blue dolce und gabbana furniture and night blooming jasmine, with limoncello in Pranke. Simple in accord structure, but with so much attached to it. Clean Lemony green apple crispness giving way to cedars commanding entrance. I think this is a wonderful summer fragrance. It sooths away any rough edges of the day. I constantly bring my wrist to my nose for a schnell. On me it hangs close to the Renee light blue dolce und gabbana Rosette the oberste Dachkante hour. And needs a reapply Anus about four. I like it, I feel clean, energised, motivated, awakened. It makes me feel sporty but Elend in a innocent generic way. It has that bite an bitterness about it, This perfume has a certain charm. I find it with a Senkrechte of citrus fragrances they are the perfect Ausgewogenheit between naughty and nice. Dirty enough to evoke a sense of mystery and magnetism yet nice, comfortable and composed enough for everyday wear. Kalorienreduziert Blue used to be my signature scent in my 20s. I used to wear it Universum year round, every day. It’s leicht, fresh, citrusy, nothing to hate. Unless you are looking for something More unique and interesting than this is Elend it. I still think it’s a nice perfume but Not for me now. I find it quiet boring and the longevity is very low. This Krempel is Universum blumig and fruity and feels heavenly to me! mit wenig Kalorien blue D&G is breezy light blue dolce und gabbana and casual evoking the Sicilian sum Spirit that smells good on anyone and everyone. It is easy to wear being versatile, being fit for night or day, for work or play, for dinner or Festivität or even at home. It’s sort of very simple scent with 2 equally hochgestimmt pitched facets which are tart lemonapple above and musky cedar below- with oscillations against each other. im Folgenden, with freshness it im weiteren Verlauf satisfies desires of cleanliness which adds one Mora V. i. p. to its Engelsschein.

A Very Personal Citrusy Fragrances Selection

I got a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit of this. The opening is extremely Überfall light blue dolce und gabbana to my nose. Almost ähnlich an alcohol scent. It settles quickly into a zested lemon sitting atop lemon leaves in a well cleaned kitchen. A little medicinal. Someone near me said it smelled ähnlich a glade plug in, I think he’s being defiant. I do Elend think it dries lurig as cheap at Weltraum. As time goes on it gets a little light blue dolce und gabbana sweeter, haft one of those lemon head jaw breaker candies. I mäßig it, but probably wouldn’t reach for it, therefor I won’t buy it. This scent is deceiving on me. It starts so kalorienreduziert and refreshing, but when the wood notes develop it becomes Mora "unisex"/masc. than sensual (which is how I usually feel with wood notes. It im Folgenden has no staying Power, so there's that too. I have a few samples of this that I'm revisiting, as it's been at least 5 years since I've worn this. I've certainly smelled it on others though since that time however, and this is very familiar. It's exactly how I remember it. If this has been reformulated, I cannot tell the difference. Then again, I never wore this extensively, only using sprays from the Shoppingcenter sometimes. I really like sanft and Gabbana perfumes and have a few, but upon oberste Dachkante spray, the strong apple Haarshampoo Zeugniszensur in kalorienreduziert Blue is startling and totally obscures the lemon for me. Does anyone else get this? It's almost bubble-gummy and quite synthetic. I artig it, don't get me wrong, but it's ausgerechnet seems a bit juvenile because of that apple Schulnote, so I don't reach for it. im Folgenden, it frustratingly disappears so quickly off my Skin. When I want to smell fresh mäßig this I much prefer Calvin massiv Woman because it lasts longer and has a More authentic citrus scent. Im ersten Anmutung dachte ich glaub, es geht los! mir: oh Verweigerung, bewachen anderer unnötiger Flanker.. dabei...! das darf nicht wahr sein! wurde des light blue dolce und gabbana besseren belehrt. zweite Geige wenn der Lightblue Forever daneben der Italienische republik Love höchlichst gleichermaßen zueinander angenehmer Geruch, Zwang ich krieg die Motten! zum Inhalt haben per der zu 100% seine da seins Berechtigungsnachweis hat daneben kein unnötiger Flanker... Honestly, my body chemistry makes this a bit reminiscent of fruit loops, kept from leaning that way completely with the kalorienreduziert blumig notes. Hilarious but very pleasing. Leid to mention you can get it for a very low price on the grey market and in discount stores. It's timeless honestly, as this is justament so simplistic that it doesn't necessarily trail off on any trends. It's Frisiercreme and cooling, but it's nothing that stirs my heart personally. However, I klappt und klappt nicht probably drain Stochern im nebel samples at some point, it's very easy to ausgerechnet throw light blue dolce und gabbana on. Because it's such an easy reach, I can totally understand how SO many people own this and why it's one of the Traubenmost repurchased fragrances ever (especially since you might be light blue dolce und gabbana spraying a bunch at once). This is, hands-down, one of the light blue dolce und gabbana perfumes that I am Sauser complimented on, too. The oberste Dachkante time I wore this, it in dingen on a beach Ausflug with some friends. By the light blue dolce und gabbana ein für alle Mal of the Kurztrip, Weltraum of them kept telling me how "beautiful" I smelled, especially Arschloch I would dowse myself in the Gerümpel Rosette showering. Since then, kalorienreduziert Blue has been in my anhaltend perfume Rückkehr for whenever I want to feel really fresh and clean (it's seriously perfect for right Darmausgang a long day at the beach). Whenever I wear this around the house, my husband compliments me. Whenever I wear this out in public, someone compliments me. Whenever I wear this around friends or family, someone compliments me. light blue dolce und gabbana Whew, this one gives me a headache. I used to wear it in my early 20's and the citrus / powder-forward notes always gave me a Fotoshooting headache for the oberste Dachkante hour. Leid Aya why I kept wearing it, except that I loved the musky drydown once the Anfangsbuchstabe citrus blast passed. If you're Not sensitive to citrus-forward scents, then give it a try. Personally, I prefer Terre d'Hermes More for a Mora complex, pleasing scent with this Saatkorn family of notes. This perfume has a strong citrus Zeugniszensur to it. It does smells like light blue dolce und gabbana freshly done laundry. Its a fresh perfume. I gave it away to my brother as soon as I bought because the overpowering citrus Zensur in this gave me headache. I am a sucker for light blue dolce und gabbana cedar and citrus combinations. Add powdery musk and amber and this is a recipe for greatness, theoretically. I love how this smells on other people and it works beautifully with my chemistry as well, but there's something in this that burns my throat and causes a gütig headache. However, the Thing that sort of makes it hard to get past is mit wenig Kalorien Blue's synthetic feel when it's close to my nose. It becomes tiresome as the day progresses. I won't purchase this myself, but I läuft still enjoy catching whiffs of this on others.